About Us

BABA SALES CCTV AGRA is a company that brings security to your home, offices, schools, warehouses, commercial complexes, hospitals, amusement spots etc. Our endeavor is to make you and your assets safe and secure and bring you peace of mind.Security threats can take away your precious hours of sleep. At BABA SALES CCTV AGRA we bring you the latest and break through technology in security systems. We deal in CCTV, Access Control, Biometric Attendance, Home Automation and Electric fencing etc. We not only provide you the best available systems and equipment, but our panels of experts help you to utilize these tools and equipment to the best.Providing you right security product does not end our job, we consider our job well done when we see our satisfied clients and customer safe and secure. Customer service is our specialty, as our experts always readily available, for after sale services, With several years of experience BABA SALES CCTV AGRA has serviced several hundred homes and commercial locations nation-wide. We are able to create a secure environment at your home through the installation of an indoor and / or outdoor surveillance system. We are fully equipped and trained to install a system of any sizeWe are NSDC (a govt organization for technical recognition)certified engineers, to deal with your requirements.

In India most of the security servillance systems are installed by untrained and non professional people, We not only provide electronic servillance but 3layer security solution.

1. CCTV Camera

2. PIR/motion sensor.

3. Electric fencing.