We offer video Survillance as well as audio systems such as two-way communication systems command systems and cctv camera with audio record.


Biometric and Access Control helps us to get access to attendance and to restrict access to unauthorized people or entries.

PIR Motion Sensor

A PIR or a Passive Infrared Sensor can be used to detect a human beings.A PIR sensor detects the infrared light radiated by a warm object.

Electric Fencing

Unlike a conventional fence, an electric fence is a psychological barrier such that animals learn to respect the fence. A safe and effective option to barbed wire or woven fences, electric fence systems also deter and protect against trespassers and predators.

Fire Alarms

Alarm systems are primarily designed to warn occupants of a fire so they can safely evacuate the premises. In providing occupants of buildings prompt warning if a fire occurs. Systems that are not properly installed or maintained may cause unwanted alarm activations.

Digital Video Recorder

DVR. Stands for "Digital Video Recorder." A DVR is basically a VCR that uses a hard drive instead of video tapes. It can be used to record, save, and play back television programs. Unlike a VCR, however, a DVR can also pause live TV by recording the current show in real time.